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Last time, I talked about how my storage situation and my cheap nature led me to build an RC joystick controller with a cell phone app and an ESP8266. The key to making this easy was to use the GUI builder called Blynk to make a user interface for [...]

The Joy of the ESP8266 and Blynk | Hackaday

I’ll admit it. I can be a little cheap. I also find it hard to pass up a bargain. So when I saw a robot kit at the local store that had been originally $125 marked down to $20, I had to bite. There was only one problem. After I got the thing home, [...]

Samsung Gear S3 review

Smartwatches are in an odd place right now. That is, if you’re not on iOS. The Apple Watch Series 2 dominates the market, and the only Android manufacturer that’s continually updating and expanding its smartwatch lineup is Samsung. Hardly any [...]
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